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Reception, Unit 3, Calypso – Lesson 4

Early Learning Goals:  To identify different un-tuned percussion instruments by their sounds. To be able to name a selection of un-tuned percussion instruments and be able to play them in an appropriate way.   Starter activity: Watch the ‘Creepy Crawly Calypso’, revisiting the different instruments used in each of the verses and reminding the children what […]

Year 6, Unit 3: Chronology – Lesson 5

Key Learning Objectives:  To identify a number of features of 20th century/modern music. To compare features of music from two different historical periods.     Starter activity: Introduce the pupils to modern/20th century music, using the provided Classic FM video. Discuss how this genre is seen to be a ‘break from the past’, highlighting key features and styles […]

Year 4, Unit 3: Chronology – Lesson 6

Key Learning Objectives:  To explore minimalism through a variety of media, manipulating sounds and media. To compose / notate / perform a minimalist composition.   Starter activity: Listening and response exercise, based on the work ‘Changes’  by the contemporary Bristol composer John Pitts. Create a shifting pattern of actions, choosing five actions, repeating them until a good […]

Year 4, Unit 1: Water – Lesson 4

Key Learning Objective:  To interpret symbols as musical sounds. Additional Learning Objective:  To select instruments and explore the timbre of the instruments in order to represent aspects of a storm.   Starter activity: Watch the BBC Ten Pieces film for Benjamin Britten’s ‘The Storm’ from the opera ‘Peter Grimes’. Explain that the class will be using it […]

Year 3, Unit 2: Junk Percussion – Lesson 5

Key Learning Objectives:  To explore timbre using everyday items as instruments. To listen to and repeat a variety of rhythms using instruments.   Starter activity: Select an activity from the Rhythm Starter Bank. Main activity: Watch the provided videos from ‘Stomp’ the musical and discuss unusual aspects of the performance, focusing on choice of instrumentation and […]

Year 3, Unit 1: Air – Lesson 1

Key Learning Objective:  To explore and understand timbre. Additional Learning Objective: To contribute to creating a soundscape of a hot air balloon preparing to take flight and lifting off the ground.   Starter activity: Explore the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, listen to Lin Marsh’s ‘Hot Air Balloon Song’, learning part one of the refrain. Main activity: Create a whole […]