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Year 5, Unit 2: Trains – Lesson 6

Key Learning Objectives:  To read and perform an extended rhythmic composition using traditional notation. I can maintain a rhythmic line and a rhythmic ostinato in an ensemble. To perform with sensitivity and with musicality.   Starter activity: Rehearse each two bar rhythm using the backing tracks, focusing on correcting the reading and maintaining the pulse. Main activity: Performance […]

Year 6, Unit 2: Samba – Lesson 1

Key Learning Objective:  To identify features of Brazilian Carnival / Samba music. To recognise, read and perform four basic samba rhythms.     Starter activity: Listening and response exercise based on the soundscape of carnival. Introduce the Brazilian rhythmical dance that is Samba. Discuss the instrumentation and the form of its structure, focusing on describing the music […]

Year 5, Unit 2: Trains – Lesson 3

Key Learning Objectives:  To explore more complex rhythms and to create an ostinato. To notate a rhythmic ostinato. To add lyrics to match the ostinato rhythm.   Starter activity: Choose one of the activities from the rhythm starter bank. Main activities: Introduce the concept of a tone poem through watching Honnnger’s ‘Pacific 231.’ Pupils to write down words […]