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Reception, Unit 3, Calypso – Lesson 5

Early Learning Goals:  To understand that ‘texture’ is the layering of sounds. To follow pictorial notation.   Starter activity: Listening and Response exercise using the ‘Creepy Crawly Calypso’. The teacher to use different body percussion actions to the pulse, the children to copy the actions moving in time with the pulse. Discuss with the children if they […]

Year 6, Unit 3: Chronology – Lesson 4

Key Learning Objectives:  To listen to incidental music written for Shakespeare’s play ‘The Tempest’ and identify Nationalistic features. To identify how a composer uses instruments to create an effect or paint a picture in the music.     Starter activity: Listening and response exercise based on the provided video. Play the sound only from the video, encouraging the pupils […]

Year 4, Unit 3: Chronology – Lesson 2

Key Learning Objectives:  To listen to a piece of music and to consider and share emotional responses. To begin to understand independent part writing and layering of musical parts. To recognise music sung a capella (unaccompanied voices)     Listening focus: Listening and response exercise, based on the work ‘Crucifixus’ by Antonio Lotti, an introduction to Baroque choral […]

Year 4, Unit 1: Water – Lesson 3

Key Learning Objective:  To maintain an independent line within a two part song.   Starter activity: Warm up exercise, sing ‘Drunken Sailor’, clapping the pulse during the instrumental section, focusing on diction. Main activity: Learn the melody for the song ‘The Bold Pirate’, creating two groups, one to sing the melody line, the other to sing the ostinato. […]

Year 3, Unit 3: Pitch – Lesson 3

Key Learning Objectives:  To demonstrate an increased understanding of pitch through kinaesthetic learning. To perform a piece with several contrasting parts within a large ensemble.   Starter activity: Singing exercise using ‘Bristol Pitches’, the pupils to listen again and sing the note names, whilst raising a hand to mirror the rising pitch. Main activity: Performance activity, split […]

Year 3, Unit 1: Air – Lesson 6

Key Learning Objective:  To perform and evaluate and complete the Hot Air Balloon composition. Additional Learning Objective:  To sing expressively.   Starter activity: Rehearse then perform Part one of the ‘Hot Air Balloon song’ with expression. Main activity: Brief rehearsal time with original scores, with a view to performing the final compositions. Plenary: Listen to the final performances […]