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Year 3, Unit 3: Pitch – Lesson 5

Key Learning Objectives:  To further develop aural skills and understanding of how a melody moves. To work in small groups to ‘notate’ patterns of notes, using objects to mirror both rise and fall in pitch.   Starter activity: Select an activity from the Pitch Starter Bank. Main activity: Representing note patterns: Listen to ‘Bristol Pitches’ and pitch pattern the […]

Year 3, Unit 1: Air – Lesson 2

Key Learning Objectives:  To create a soundscape with an identifiable structure.   Starter activity: Introduction to the concept of structure, demonstrating its importance through the scenario of a telephone call. Main activity: Create a whole class soundscape of a hot air balloon taking off. Each group to be designated one section of the soundscape structure. Plenary: Performance opportunity, groups […]

Secondary Curriculum – Pathway to a Piece: Lesson 2, Main 1: Improvising on a D minor scale

Time: 15 minutes Group size: Whole Group Tag words: scale, minor, improvisation, improvising, backing track, rising, rhythm, rest, call and response  RESOURCE NEEDED: Pathway to a Piece 1, Project Examples Worksheet.doc Introduce the first phrase and ask the group to play it together. Remind them to count the beats rest, and to note the 2 […]