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Year 4, Unit 2: Rhythm – Lesson 4

Key Learning Objectives:  To memorise and perform rhythms with increasing aural memory. To perform as part of an ensemble.   Starter activity: Select an activity from the Rhythm Card Starter Bank. Main activity: Incorporate the use of rhythm sticks into playing the call and response game, ‘My sticks, your sticks.’ Gradually develop the complexity of the rhythms, making […]

Year 3, Unit 3: Pitch – Lesson 3

Key Learning Objectives:  To demonstrate an increased understanding of pitch through kinaesthetic learning. To perform a piece with several contrasting parts within a large ensemble.   Starter activity: Singing exercise using ‘Bristol Pitches’, the pupils to listen again and sing the note names, whilst raising a hand to mirror the rising pitch. Main activity: Performance activity, split […]

Year 3, Unit 2: Junk Percussion – Lesson 6

Key Learning Objectives:  To explore timbre, texture and rhythm using everyday items as instruments. To listen to and repeat a variety of rhythms using instruments. To play in an ensemble and develop ensemble and listening skills. To explore experimental music by composing rhythms.   Starter activity: Select an activity from the Rhythm Starter Bank. Main […]