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Year 6, Unit 3: Chronology – Lesson 6

Key Learning Objectives:  To make predictions about how a song will sound based on the lyrics. To add in percussion or sound effects appropriate to the mood of a song. To sing and perform a song with accurate intonation.     Starter activity: Using the provided summary video, introduce  Shakespeare’s most notorious play  ‘Macbeth’. Discuss why pupils think […]

Year 6, Unit 1: Water – Lesson 3

Key Learning Objective:  To explore and recognise a variety of dynamics.     Starter activity: Listening and response exercise based on the provided sound clip of waves. Discuss the shape and dynamics created by a wave. Main activity: As a whole class, using percussion instruments, recreate a wave effect with percussion, voices and body percussion. Create a class graphic […]

Year 5, Unit 1: Air – Lesson 6

Key Learning Objective:  To perform, evaluate and celebrate the composition created this term.   Starter activity: Vocal warm up with aircraft sounds, going to the extremes of high and low register, working on dynamic contrasts. Then perform ‘Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines’ as a class and record. Main activity: Performing and evaluation, each group to rehearse and […]

Year 5, Unit 1: Air – Lesson 1

Key Learning Objective:  To explore dynamics through singing and playing and link with aircraft.   Starter activity: Listening and response exercise based on a range of aircraft taking off. Create the sounds of aircraft with everyones voices. Record this activity as evidence. Main activities: To be recorded. Activity One: Using hand-held percussion instruments, the class to create the soundscape […]

Year 3, Unit 2: Junk Percussion – Lesson 6

Key Learning Objectives:  To explore timbre, texture and rhythm using everyday items as instruments. To listen to and repeat a variety of rhythms using instruments. To play in an ensemble and develop ensemble and listening skills. To explore experimental music by composing rhythms.   Starter activity: Select an activity from the Rhythm Starter Bank. Main […]

Year 3, Unit 1: Air – Lesson 1

Key Learning Objective:  To explore and understand timbre. Additional Learning Objective: To contribute to creating a soundscape of a hot air balloon preparing to take flight and lifting off the ground.   Starter activity: Explore the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, listen to Lin Marsh’s ‘Hot Air Balloon Song’, learning part one of the refrain. Main activity: Create a whole […]

Reception, Unit 2: Pitch – Lesson 4

Early Learning Goal: To recognise that music is notated to show both pitch and duration.   Starter activity: Three individual aural exercises that kinaesthetically reinforce the concept of high and low notes to the pupils. Main focus: Listen to ‘Abeeyo’ and introduce ‘callers’ and ‘responders’, focusing on varying dynamics and ‘body pitching’ the sounds. Plenary: Listen […]