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Secondary Curriculum – Pathway to a Piece: Lesson 1, Starter: Bach Listening

Time: 10 minutes Group size: Whole Class Tag words: composer, listening, learning, Bach, count, tune, melody, parts, violins, concerto, minor, movement Explain to the class that as composers, they need to start by listening to and learning from other music. The class will listen deeply and actively. They will get inside the music and try […]

KS1 Lesson 1 Main 2: Moving like an Astronaut

Time: 15 mins Group size: whole group Focus Track: Clubbed To Death – https://bit.ly/2qWlcsL Focus video: Walking on the Moon https://youtu.be/aQX9KOCS7MA Tag words: Listening, dancing, responding, science (gravity), beats, astronaut, movement, dance, club, mirroring.   Show the pupils videos of astronauts moving in space and ask them “what is different about their movements?  Why is […]