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Reception, Unit 3, Calypso – Lesson 6

Early Learning Goal:  To create a performance we can share.   Starter activity: Class activity responding to the reflections of the creepy crawly masks in a mirror.  Children to move like their insect to the ‘Creepy Crawly Calypso’, responding to words like; scuttle, creep, march, flap, wriggle, prance.   Main activity: Class performance of the texture piece in three lines […]

Reception, Unit 3, Calypso – Lesson 5

Early Learning Goals:  To understand that ‘texture’ is the layering of sounds. To follow pictorial notation.   Starter activity: Listening and Response exercise using the ‘Creepy Crawly Calypso’. The teacher to use different body percussion actions to the pulse, the children to copy the actions moving in time with the pulse. Discuss with the children if they […]

Reception, Unit 3, Calypso – Lesson 4

Early Learning Goals:  To identify different un-tuned percussion instruments by their sounds. To be able to name a selection of un-tuned percussion instruments and be able to play them in an appropriate way.   Starter activity: Watch the ‘Creepy Crawly Calypso’, revisiting the different instruments used in each of the verses and reminding the children what […]

Reception, Unit 3, Calypso – Lesson 3

Early Learning Goal:  To understand that different instruments sound different (identify timbre).   Starter activity: Introduce the concept of ‘timbre’ as the tone colour of the sounds/instruments that the children hear. Listen to, ‘Creepy Crawly Calypso’ and discuss words which describe the different timbres found within the track.   Main activity: Revisit the track, ‘Mini-beast Calypso’, inviting the children […]