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Year 2, Unit 1: Water – Lesson 6

Key Learning Objective:  To sing expressively. Additional Learning Objectives: To listen with concentration to a range of high-quality music. To appreciate how the inter-related dimensions of music ‘work together’ in a composition to create an atmosphere or effect. Starter activity: Sing and record ‘Big boats, small boats’, sung rhythmically, with good pitching of leaps and scales, expressing the […]

Year 2, Unit 1: Water – Lesson 3

Key Learning Objective:  To understand the difference between pulse and rhythm and to compose a song to a given rhythm. Additional Learning Objectives: To internalise a short simple melody and create lyrics to fit a given rhythm pattern.   Starter activity: Listening exercise, play the theme music from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, and share words about the sea/pirates/atmosphere […]

Year 2, Unit 1: Water – Lesson 2

Key Learning Objective:  To explore the correlation between pitch and high/low notation. Additional Learning Objectives: To create my own symbols to represent sounds. To define music vocabulary –pitch (HIGH and LOW) and identify the pitch when heard. To keep a beat/respond to a beat.   Starter activity: Introduce the vocabulary of pitch (high/middle/low) demonstrating these pitches using […]