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KS1 Lesson 4 Starter: Arrival on an Alien planet

Time: 5 mins each Group size: Whole Class/Group Focus Track: Play “Neptune” from The Planets by Holst : https://bit.ly/2FzjPHo Tag words: arriving, landing, spaceship, descending, looking, seeing, hear, smell, feel, music, orchestra, planet, Holst  Ask the children to stand and then tell them they are landing on an alien planet! Lead them through the spaceship […]

KS1 Lesson 1 Main 1: Letter from the European Space Agency

Time: 10 mins Group size: whole class Tag words: reading strategies, phonics, geography, science, alien, planet, letter Arrange for someone from the office to deliver a “Letter from the ESA” letter to the classroom (see associated resources for this printout). It will be most effective and funny/memorable if it is so large that everyone can […]