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KS1 Lesson 4 Main 1

Time: 15 mins Group size: Whole Class/Group Tag words: Explore, discover, find, search, seek, tuned, untuned, percussion, instruments, treasure, alien, artefact, sort, choose  Hide lots of tuned and untuned percussion instruments around the room. Ask the pupils to explore the room/alien world and give them a minute to carefully hunt down the alien treasures before […]

KS1 Lesson 2 Main 2: Communicating with the Alien

Time:  10 mins Group size: Whole class – into pairs Tag words: alien, communication, understanding, practice, talking, nonsense, situation, scenario, perform, imagine Ask the class to imagine that an Alien who didn’t speak English came into our classroom and spoke to them.  “Would they understand what we were saying?  Would we understand them?  How would […]