KS1 Lesson 2 Starter: Space warm up

Time: 5 mins each

Group size:  whole class/group

Tag words:  space, syllable, song, clap, rhythmic, slow, accurate, tempo, track, body percussion, complexity, stamp, tap, clap.

Focus video: Syllable Song or Clap, Stomp and Chomp https://bit.ly/2rRgOjg

Focus track: I feel Space, Lindstrøm https://bit.ly/2HLRy2b


Ask the class to stand up.  Play the music and lead a quick physical warm up, involving careful stretches.

Explain to the class that you are going to say and clap a word, and they will repeat it by saying and clapping it back to you.  It is important that they clap all of the syllables in the word.   Begin with one or two syllable words, then gradually increase the complexity.   It is useful to say and clap the words rhythmically and slowly, and repeat words often to help the pupils develop accuracy.  You should use a backing track or a metronome to keep time.  The track I feel Space is a good tempo for the activity but you could always choose your own suitable track.


Try the following:


1 syllable 2 syllables 3 syllables 4 syllables
Space Ro-cket Ast-er-oid Me-te-or-ite
Moon Pla-net Me-te-or Ast-ro-no-mer
Sun Space-ship Ga-la-xy Ex-o-pla-net
Star Co-met Sat-ell-ite Ra-di-a-tion
Probe So-lar Weight-less-ness Hy-per-no-va


Once they have got the hang of it, model and ask the pupils to respond using body percussion rather than clapping such as tapping on their heads, stamping their feet and so on.

An alternative to leading the activity is to show suggested focus video, Clap, Stomp and Chomp song and ask the class to watch and follow the instructions.